There are nearly 40,000 recruitment agencies in the UK, so to stand out from the crowd we offer a range of workforce solutions that many agencies can’t offer:


Bespoke assessments to ensure every candidate is the perfect fit for your role and organisation. 

Employee value proposition design to help you understand your culture, reduce employee turnover and increase direct job applications.


Strategic workforce assessments to help design your HR and recruitment strategy and make sure you have the right people doing the right jobs.


Staff augmentation for when you need a little extra help with part of the talent acquisition process but don’t want to use an agency and can’t justify more headcount.


Recruitment cost savings consulting for expert help designing internal and/or external recruitment processes to help you hit peak efficiency.


Career transition and outplacement services for organisations that are undergoing change and wish to support employees that are at risk of redundancy and to gain new skills and find meaningful employment.


Our workforce solutions are available as stand-alone services or as part of recruitment projects where we often provide them at no cost to our clients.

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Bespoke Assessments
Employee Value
Proposition Consulting
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Staff Augmentation
Resource Assessments & Cost Savings
Career Transition  & Outplacement
Recruitment Solutions