Few organisations actively nurture and develop their employee value proposition (EVP), but they all have one.  Businesses with a strong, well designed and dynamic EVP attract 68% more candidates and retain staff for an extra 14 months on average.


At its most basic, an EVP defines the associations and offerings provided by a company in exchange for the skills and experience of its staff.  It encompasses the tangible and intangible benefits of being an employee for your company.


Personal job satisfaction is driven by more than financial remuneration, so having a well-communicated EVP is critical for attracting the talent that will help your business thrive.


We work with clients to audit their current EVP before designing a strategy and implementing processes to make them more attractive to the candidate market.


An EVP campaign can be part of a wider recruitment project, managed service or a standalone programme to help your HR team attract more high-quality candidates.  It also works seamlessly with Laenus TAP.