It isn't easy being green, but as an organisation based in one of the UK's best-known area's of outstanding natural beauty, we take our responsibility to protect it more seriously than most.  We aren't perfect, but we make the best environmentally friendly choices we can:


We carbon offset all commuting and business miles that our employees drive.  This limits the c02 and longer-term impact that Laenus has on the atmosphere and environment.


By providing a cycle to work scheme and bike parking, we encourage people to leave the car at home and take healthier forms of transport where possible.

As an organisation that operates globally, air travel is occasionally a necessary evil.  Where it won't impact our ability to efficiently work with clients, we opt for alternatives such as video conferencing.

We don't ban single-use plastics in the office as it's not always practical, but by providing reusable bottles and ditching water coolers for the natural, local spring water our office enjoys on tap, we try to discourage it.

Being 100% paperless isn't easy and we aren't quite there yet, but by using special software tools and will-power to re-learn a few bad habits, we are much less reliant on the printer and notebooks.

Where possible we use local suppliers. Not just to cut down on the miles our suppliers and supplies have to travel to us, but to give back to our local economy and support small business owners.

Everything that is brought into and used in our office is reused or recycled if at all possible. Every week we take all of our waste to recycling centers so we know it's being processed properly.

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