Laenus was founded on the belief that sophisticated talent strategies should be accessible and affordable to every business, not matter their size.  Every time we partner with a new organisation we have three goals:


1: Improve access to talent 

2: Decrease staff attrition whilst increasing employee engagement

3: Reduce recruitment spend


Many of our clients want a more reliable recruitment service to compliment their own team, and some to outsource their external recruitment to us so they can focus on what they do best.  Others want assistance defining and promoting their employee value proposition, building bespoke assessments, increasing their diversity and inclusion ratios or finding efficiency gains in their people processes.


We do it by implementing a range of technologies and methodologies that have previously been the preserve of the largest global employers.  


Founded in 2018 by three Directors with experience designing and delivering some of the largest recruitment and workforce transformation projects and programmes in the world, they came together to bring their skills and experience to the small and middle-market in the UK.


If people are the most important part of your business, we can help you to attract the best, ensure they align to your company culture/goals and perform at the highest possible level.  All whilst making significant cost savings on your current talent attraction models.






Recruitment Solutions
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Bespoke Assessments
Employee Value
Proposition Consulting
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Staff Augmentation
Resource Assessments & Cost Savings
Career Transition  & Outplacement