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"Laenus consistently provide a high level of service and save us both time and money.  We have worked with them to hire around 30 people and they have more than halved our time to hire whilst always providing shortlists of excellent candidates.  They understand our EVP and have used that to great success, and they are now firmly seen as a strategic partner more than a supplier"

            - Kate B - Head of HR, UK Tech Business

"Honestly, my opinion of all recruitment services except for Laenus is low - very very low.  So Laenus is the proverbial jewel-in-the-rough.  I have been absolutely delighted by the service so far, and have absolute confidence I will be delighted again in the future.  Keep up the professionally excellent great work!"

            - Mark H - Candidate

"I was unconvinced about Laenus reducing our time to hire to begin with, but TAP has been great and we can't see a future where it isn't part of our hiring process.  They find candidates faster than any other agency and get them through the process much, much quicker"

            - Kirsty R - Operations Director, UK healthcare business

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